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  • The students and teachers in ArchKU do not get them in either sides of a barrier. Rather their friendly and amiable relationship is noteworthy, which is unquestionably necessary for the smooth progression of architecture education. As there are many issues scaled with subjectivity, effortless exchange of views and ideas between teachers and students enormously help the learning environment. Teacher-Student Day is such a in inclusive platform where every member of ArchKU family is set free to open up and put forward their difficulties and desires. It’s a two-way exchange between faculty and students and no stranger is invited. The primary objective of this day is to formulate the best possible ways and means in utilizing the limited resources at hand to excel the academia.

    The 3rd Teacher-Student Day of ArchKU was observed in an evening of 2013 at ArchKU floor. The Head, Prof. Dr. Afroza Parvin, chaired the event while the student coordinator, Dr. Sk. Serajul Hakim, along with student representatives organized it. In the beginning, Prof. Afroza gave a very eloquent multi-media presentation on the all the achievements of ArchKU, step by step through academic, research, faculty training and education, publication, seminar, workshop, students design competition, infra-structure, staff deployment, etc. Student representatives of all the five years were asked to discuss their problems and future desires. The Head noted all of them and afterward pointed her plan of action to comply with the things for continuous progress of the mission and vision of ArchKU.

    In the second round a number of students sang songs including ‘Sadhu Sango’ with their folk items and some played on instrumental music. Finally a delicious dinner was served in the venue, which was enjoyed by the teachers and students together. Everyone returned home at the end with a fresh vow to uphold the spirit and commitment that was made in the event. 

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    Academic Exchange Seminar Held On November 09, 2017
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    ArchKU Seminar Series - 2017, Term-II
  • 03
    ArchKU Student Episode - 2017, Term-II
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    "ArchKU Community Outreach Program" - Held On 23 March, 2017
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    Special Term Registration
  • 06
    Seminar On "Learning By Sharing" - Held On 27 February, 2017
  • 07
    Degree Show - 2017 - Held On 29-30 January, 2017
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    ArchKU Student Eposide - 2017
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    ArchKU Seminar Series - 2017
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    Travelogue: Reflections on Selected Indian Architecture
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    MScHS Thesis Proposal Defence Held On 28 August, 2016
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    ArchKU Student Episode-2016
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    ArchKU Seminar Series - 2016
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    Curriculum Development Workshop Held On 23 June, 2016
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    Online Seminar On "An Introduction To Parametric Modelling ...
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    Registration Data For Undergraduate & Postgraduate
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    Self Assessment Seminar – Held On 09 & 10 May, 2016
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    Form For Studio Use
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    Notice For Retake Courses
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    List Of Participants For The Workshop On Introduction To ...
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    ArchKU Web Launching & Head List Declaration