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  • Reception to the new intake (1st year undergraduate) students is a regular event organized every year by ArchKU 2nd year students with the help of logistics extended by the Head’s office. It’s a unique tradition of student activity, every year enriched by innovative ideas and presentations, to make the newcomer kinsman of ArchKU family in a dramatic manner. They speak, recite, sing, stage drama, say jokes, tie rakhi, and distribute sweets in the occasion. The stage design is considered as a challenge and every time the 2nd year students try to emulate the quality of the previous one with innovative ideas. All the students put their hands and work hard to make the event memorable, specially for the fresher.

    The last such event was organized by 2nd year students. There was two parts in the event as usual. The occasion was attended by all the ArchKU faculty, students, Staffs and a few guest faculty and officers of KU. The new 1st year students, boys were dressed in Punjabi and the girls were dressed in Sari, were serially called upon on the stage to introduce themselves and were gifted with a rose and a small ‘hari’ (traditional pot) of sweets by the senior students. The students presented a mind boggling cultural show, which was so nicely performed that the faculties even could not leave the venue until it ends. A special item on folk songs performed by ‘Saadhu Songo’, a band composed with architecture students, raised the height of this show before it comes to an end. The occasion reflected the unique culture and tradition of Architecture discipline.

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    ArchKU Seminar Series - 2017, Term-II
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    ArchKU Student Episode - 2017, Term-II
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    "ArchKU Community Outreach Program" - Held On 23 March, 2017
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    Special Term Registration
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    Seminar On "Learning By Sharing" - Held On 27 February, 2017
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    Degree Show - 2017 - Held On 29-30 January, 2017
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    ArchKU Student Eposide - 2017
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    ArchKU Seminar Series - 2017
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    MScHS Admission (Session 2016-2017) - held on 31 January, ...
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    Seminar On Resettlement And In Situ Rehabilitation - Held ...
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    Travelogue: Reflections on Selected Indian Architecture
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    MScHS Thesis Proposal Defence Held On 28 August, 2016
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    Seminar On Disaster, Contingency & Development Held On 18 ...
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    ArchKU Student Episode-2016
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    ArchKU Seminar Series - 2016
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    Alumni Feedback Collection Workshop In Khulna Held On 27 ...
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    Curriculum Development Workshop Held On 23 June, 2016
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    Self Assessment Seminar Held On 09 & 10 May, 2016
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    Admission In Master Of Science In Human Settlements (MScHS)
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    Notice Of Gown Collection For The 5th Convocation 2015 ...
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